Storytelling and Creativity: Why They Matter

In this part of our Creativity Lab, we bring you the backstory: how daydreaming is vital to brain health. What we know (for now) about time travel. Why having a growth mindset is a strong metric of success. And, most of all, why creativity matters.

Our goal: to encourage your curiosity, deepen your drive to discover and make learning fun!

Time Travel: Fact or Fiction
What if time was not a straight march forward? Could we disrupt our own histories, Back to the Future-style? Or does imagination have its own power for paradox?
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Learning Through Story
Our brains are wired for narrative. So can stories inspire deeper learning for life?
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Your Brain on Story
Stories are clues to how we experience life. Teens, especially, give stories the power to shape and reshape their identities. They tap into a deep universal need for understanding and meaning.
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Daydreaming for Brain Health
Daydreams are defined as a series of pleasant thoughts that distract one's attention from the present. The practice of daydreaming offers many benefits: de-stressing, refreshing, clearing out the cobwebs, inspiring new ideas, and sparking creativity, just to name a few.
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Encourage Kids to Daydream More
We spend 50 percent of our life daydreaming. And now, there’s evidence that it’s not just a waste of time.
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Wanted: Time Traveler and Co-Captain for a Virtual Summer High School Learning Adventure
At EOY Media, we provide a toolkit to examine the past to reach for our more perfect future. This STEAM-education internship opportunity trains high school and college students to:
  • Integrate arts and science to raise awareness of social and global issues
  •  Use the tools of technology to innovate the art of storytelling.
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Read, explore, engage!

Time travel can be so draining. That’s why we’ve created a quiet book space for time travelers, teachers, parents and others interested in learning through story.

Edge of Yesterday Book Series

We’ve storified learning! Edge of Yesterday provides a new framework for teens to engage, explore and create. Story with us online, then time travel through worlds with books and teaching tools at the Edge of Yesterday.

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