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The Renaissance

The Renaissance was considered a time of rapid innovation and "rebirth." And the many ways Leonardo da Vinci was set on inventing the future of... well... everything!

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The Enlightenment

The 18th century saw thinkers throughout Europe question traditional authority and embrace the idea that science and reason could improve humanity-leading to the new experiment of American democracy.

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The Atomic Age

During the 20th century rapid industrialization shifted society from farming to factory work. Education and incomes were on the rise and rapid scientific progress led to atomic-sized and nano discoveries to transform everything from medicine to energy, from communications technology to weaponry, and from robotics to fashion.

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Inventing the Future

While science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) have advanced modern capabilities beyond what anyone in history might have imagined, we have also created new challenges.

If you had superpowers to take on our biggest challenges of the smallest innovations, what would you dream of doing?

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The Jazz Age and the Harlem Renaissance

The Jazz Age took its name from the wild popularity of jazz music in America during the 1920s, sparking explosive innovation in fashion, dance and youth culture. It coincided with an explosion in literature, art, dance and music out of Harlem, in New York City, that came to define Black culture, known as the Harlem Renaissance.

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