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Thinking Like Leonardo: Sideways, Inside Out and Backwards

Codex Trivulzianus c1487-1490
List with a profile portrait
Credit: Fol 30r - List with a profile portrait © Comune di Milano - Archivio Sotrico Civico-Biblioteca Trivulziana

According to a timeline by noted da Vinci scholar Martin Kemp, Universal Leonardo, the Codex Trivulzianus is one of Leonardo's earliest known manuscripts. Many pages take the form of word lists; Leonardo had a strong interest in Italian language and literature, and in Latin, which he taught himself. The Codex also includes architectural drawings relating to plans for a crossing-dome for Milan Cathedral, and a portrait doodle or two!

The manuscript contains 55 sheets of an original 62 in its original binding, with some booklets bound in upside down.