What is Edge of Yesterday?

Edge of Yesterday is a YA time travel book series and interactive “learning through story” platform for teens, middle school-aged and older. Charley Morton is a STEAMinista, a passionate teen who has learned how to time travel. Her goal: to to find answers from the past to craft a better future. Hop into the adventure by reading the Edge of Yesterday book series, and diving deeper into Charley’s adventure and activities online.

How does it work?

The story and interactive learning platform invites visitors to the site to join Charley and her problem-solving band of friends to spark their curiosity and learn something new in the process. There are two portals to dive into STEM, history and the arts: Time Travelers and Creativity Lab.

In Time Travelers, visitors can check out stories written by GenZ interns, storytellers and game changers who have participated in EOY internships. A sampling of their stories includes: "How One Failure Changed the World-the Story of Kevlar," by Claire van Stolk (Emory), "Can Science, Art and Technology Help Us Soar?" by Jared Robinson (Tuskegee), and “Ghost Hearts,” by Lindsay Bernhards (GMU). Each story includes ways to interact and engage.

We also believe each and every one of us has stories to share, whether on social media, in our personal journals, or just among family. Through our Backstory, we offer workshops, classes, and programs for teens (and, increasingly, adults!) to tap into your own story, as well as tools, tips and inspiration for multimedia storytellers and time-traveler wannabes. We also run internship programs for teens and college students.

And finally, with Creativity Lab | Inspiration parents and educators (and everyone who’s curious!) can dive into the science behind the stories to learn whether time travel is fact or fiction, how storytelling is essential to who we are, to understanding why daydreaming is good for us.

Learning through story. Cool! Anything else I need to know?

There are myriad other ways to satisfy your inner time traveler (you know you’ve always wanted to bend time! For those wanting a deeper dive, we invite you to explore our other:

What do I need to get started?

Your imagination, a computer or smart device, and time. The opportunities are endless to start in on your own journey through time.

As we grow, we’re adding new ways to learn through story. Contact us to get all the buzz!

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Who created Edge of Yesterday?

Robin Stevens Payes is a time traveler, storyteller, and author of the teen time travel adventure series, Edge of Yesterday. Founder of EOY Media and creator of an interactive “learning through story” platform, EOY Media partners with schools and enrichment programs to offer internships, programs, classes and workshops geared to GenZ youth to learn through story: examining the past to reach for our more perfect future.